• Literature on the concept of SHG especially in local language is not available. To overcome this difficulty, the organization has published the following literature which has been prepared on the basis of our experience of nine years in this field. The Govt. departments and banks have also been supplied this literature on demand. A video DVD on the functioning of the SHGs is also an attempt to educate the masses.
  • Book on Concept of Self Help Group (Formation & Development).
  • The Book on Maintenance of Record & Accounts of SHGs.
  • Video on the motivation for the formation of SHGs.
  • The Book on basic introduction about MGNREGS.
  • The Book on Data Collection and Maintenance of Record of MGNREGS.
  • The Book on Financial Inclusion an aspiration and pledge (Punjabi Version by PYF).
  • The Book on Basic Introduction about NRLM.